For Adoption Professionals

Adoption Competency-What is it?

To me, it means that there is an understanding of the complexities associated with adoption, for ALL members of the adoption circle/triad. More and more we are seeing judges order therapy with an Adoption Competent Professional, and individuals/families seeking  support from those who may have a better understanding of what they are experiencing when they are considering making an adoption plan, seeking an adoption home study, parenting children with complex emotions and behaviors, searching for a mother or father…

There are several trainings available to those who want to learn more about adoption, in-state, and nationally. There are national models that are being provided at various sites, and there is work being done on a web-based training as well. In the State of Florida, the Department of Children and Families sought a curriculum that was developed by Rutgers University. That model was implemented in 2009 and is continuing to be adjusted to reflect developments in the adoption field.  The trainings I have held have included professionals from various backgrounds, including therapists, case managers, adoption specialists, guardian ad litems, etc. Each trainer decides the audience, dependent on the needs of the community and availability.  There are trainers throughout the state and you can contact Adopt Florida to try to find a trainer and training nearest you (1800-96-ADOPT).