Services by Jennifer Lombardo, LCSW

Adoption Competent Therapy

In-office/private pay at my office in downtown Orlando. This quiet and “homey” location will allow us to work together in a therapeutic manner to address various topics of your choosing. While I am comfortable handling many areas of mental health (anxiety, stress, relationships, etc.), my specialty lies with the issues faced by members of the adoption circle. Here are some examples:

*Expecting/pregnant individuals who are considering making an adoption plan-We can review your options in a non-pressured, non-judgmental manner. My focus would be for you to make your best decision, regardless if that is parenting, making an adoption plan, or another option.

*Individuals/Families who are considering adoption-Sometimes, individuals and couples choose to adopt due to fertility challenges. Other times, the couple may not be on the same page in regards to pursuing adoption. All the time-it is usually best to address these issues before proceeding with adoption, for the sake of yourself, your relationship, and the child you adopt.

*Children who are waiting to be adopted-Just as adults need preparation for adoption, children can also benefit from exploring what adoption would mean for them and sometimes, the past hurts that make them fearful of adoption.

*Birth parents-Whether parental rights are terminated voluntarily or involuntarily, this creates a loss for birth parents. While there is growing support for adoptive families after the adoption, I feel that birth parents are not supported often enough.

*Adoptive Families-There are several core issues that occur in adoption that can present challenges for parents and the children. These may manifest as confusing and upsetting emotions and behaviors. Let’s work together to find out what is working well and what could be done to help in other areas. Please note that while I can do individual sessions with parent or child, I strongly believe that family therapy can be the strongest vehicle for change.

*Adoptees-It is not abnormal for those who were adopted to have questions about their family of origin, or unresolved trauma/loss issues from their youth. Even the most well-adjusted, happy, thankful, loving person who absolutely adores their adoptive family may have some items he/she may want to process or address.

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For more information about selecting and working with a therapist skilled in adoption, check out this page: Factsheet For Families.


Adoption Home Studies

Private home study referrals through Forever Families Adoption Services

The home study is a chance me to learn more about you, but can also be a time for adoption education for you! Check this page out for some more information about the home study process: Adoption Home Study Process



-Adoption Competency Training                                                                                                                  -Recruitment/Matching Processes                                                                                                              -Home Study Process

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